Established in 1996, BG Capital Group hosts a private equity division, an asset consolidator and strategic partnership company, as well as a real estate investment trust.

BG Capital Group, Ltd. specializes in small to mid-cap clients with over 20 years of investment experience as in-depth marketing expertise and a track record of successfully identifying promising new enterprises; our approach to each investment opportunity is simple: while we investigate opportunities within virtually every sector of the North American economy, we focus on companies which are cash flow positive, have annual revenues of $15 to $50 million and enterprises values of above $25 million. Each company must also have a solid management team with a history of proven success. BG Capital Group Ltd. is involved in public companies, both as a lender and as an investor.

BG Capital Management Corp. is a multi-national business and asset consolidator focused on small to mid-cap growth opportunities. The Company provides professional, highly experienced and qualified oversight to a number of the portfolio companies within the BG Capital Group of Companies as well as established strategic partnerships, including Fortune 500 companies. In our management style we prefer to work with companies’ existing management and provide a high degree of autonomy.

BG Capital Investment Trust is a privately held real estate investment and development trust focused on creating sustainable long-term value. The Trust is actively engaged in the acquisition and ownership of real estate investment properties throughout the United States, Canada, and selects Caribbean markets and currently owns and manages more than 200,000 square feet of commercial real estate assets comprised of industrial, office, retail and recreational properties. Our primary markets are located in Florida, Washington, Canada, Argentina and Bahamas. Because of its varied expertise and simple structure, the BG Capital Investment Trust has the flexibility to look at a wide variety of investment opportunities and enter into innovative deal structures. Because it is a privately-held and closely-managed company, BG Capital Trust is capable of acting quickly to take advantage of new opportunities.